Eternity With You
every night when i'm awake, i think of you in wonder
i think of all our time we've spent together,
i think of your eyes, looking into mine, and i know i will always love you
you will always love me too, and that makes me feel,
like i could fly to the end of the earth, and never fall down
you are my love, my sunshine and blue skies
the one i've been waiting for, the one i have wanted for my whole life
now that you're here, there's no way i can ever let you go
you are so precious to me, my love, i will love you and cherish you forever
the love God has given to me, i can share with you
and i will, and you will share with me too
we will love forever, till the end of time, and we will rise above all obstacles that we face
i will be there for you, and you will be there for me,
we will be one for eternity

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